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Sara Vissante
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Privacy Board is the all-in-one Notion workspace to help you easily comply with the GDPR.

The truth is that GDPR is a headache if you don't know what you're doing, but a breeze if you have the right guidance.

As most small businesses don't have the money to hire consultants, nor the time to learn more about the subject, I've compiled my privacy knowledge to build this dashboard and simplify GDPR to get compliant in a few hours ⏱

Who's this dashboard for?

For founders, startups and content creators located in the EU or dealing with the personal data of people in the EU, like for instance when:

🍪 Your website uses cookies

💌 You collect email addresses for your newsletter

🎉 People have paid accounts to access your product

What's inside?

You'll get:

🗂 4 customizable records to demonstrate your compliance

💌 26 ready-to-use templates

🛠 5 legal document generators

🎥 9 explainer videos

📋 A checklist to guide you step by step

What's the promise?

🎯 Achieve GDPR compliance

Get access to pre-build templates, extensive checklists, structured records, and an actionnable toolbox essential to implement the GDPR.

🧐 No more guess work

I guide you through every step of the way with comprehensive video explainers to ensure you don't miss out on anything important.

🎖 Build reputation & trust

Show your prospects and customers how you keep their data safe with Privacy and Cookie Policies, sub-processors lists and Data Processing Agreements.

Why a support call?

Some people sometimes tell me that the GDPR doesn't apply to them, that they don't collect personal data or simply that they don't know where to start 🏁

👩‍💻 This one-hour Zoom call aims to deconstruct these preconceptions, to do a quick audit of the applicability of the GDPR to your business and to start implementing it following the steps of the dashboard.

What makes me qualified to create this dashboard?

I'm not a Notion expert, far from that, but I've specialized in Data Privacy for 4 years, during which I assisted startups and large companies in their compliance with the GDPR and I've been certified as a Data Protection Officer in that sense.

IMPORTANT: This product is hosted in Notion, to use it you need to have a Notion Account. You can create a FREE one here.

For any other question, please contact me on Twitter 😊

  • You'll get:

  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Legal documents generators
  • Comprehensive checklist
  • Library of subprocessors
  • Video explainers
  • Customizable records
  • You'll get:
  • Ready-to-use templates26
  • Legal documents generators5
  • Comprehensive checklist1
  • Library of subprocessors30
  • Video explainers9
  • Customizable records4
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